Here at Burton Electrical Co. we offer a maintenance service. We work very closely with a number of local landlords, carrying out EICR’s (electrical installation condition reports), periodic visual inspections and any necessary electrical work required for their property portfolios.

Our team continuously works hard to deliver a reliable and tailored service to all our customers, helping them to reduce the costs of incurred downtime and unexpected electrical repair work.

We will happily arrange a free site visit in order to accurately assess your requirements in great detail. From testing office lighting and fire alarm systems on a monthly basis, to 5 yearly EICR’s of your rental properties, we are confident in meeting your needs.

Maintenance Agreements:

  • Tailored Electrical Maintenance Packages
  • Testing Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Electrical Inspection and Testing
  • Periodic Visual Inspections
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Periodically Agreements
  • Lamp Replacements
  • Electrical services and Minor Repairs
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